A Place and a Passion


As conscious beings we choose the environment in which we live, this in turn shapes our lives and makes us the people we are.

Since Estes Park around 1962, and having spent 20 years in Patagonia, mountains have always been a part of our life.

In the Argentine Patagonia we discovered values as a family  inherent to living far from the worlds cities, (and all the hype that follows) Simplicity, honesty, a strong work ethic,  a non-materialistic view of the world, as well as a passion for life that ran high, were the building blocks of our story.

Our first business, Patagonia Woodworks, was a Furniture and Cabinet shop in  San Martin de los Andes. a small  ski resort town. The shop was soon followed by Patagonia Design, a retail store  showcasing our custom designs and work.

Working as a certified mountain guide under the name Patagonia Xperience,  10 years were spent indulging two passions: The creative satisfaction of designing and building furniture, and communing with the roots and rocks of nature. This business eventually changed into SnowProject, an avalanche education business in the Argentina/Chile Patagonia that continues active to this day..
We played, worked, loved and struggled through it all, and the essence of Patagonia permeated everything. Then a 'roll of the dice' put us back in Colorado. Aspen to be exact.

In 2012 we opened a small furniture and cabinet shop in Woody Creek called Patagonia Woodworks.  It sums up who we are in two elegant yet simple words: A place and a passion.

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